Jade Emperor new energy and the United States Inventus Power 2017-09-18 Share to:

By July 6, 2017, Shandong and the United States Inventus Power Inc. jade Amperex Technology Limited joint venture Shandong Bao Wo Power System Co. Ltd. the first board meeting was held successfully in Guangzhou Inventus Power global R & D center.
Heze Economic Development Zone, deputy secretary of the Party committee, deputy director Comrade Lian Jianjun, a director of China Merchants Bureau Hongjiao, traffic group deputy general manager Dong Chunyu Zhang Yanling, director of a visit to Guangzhou, to participate in multilateral talks. Training director of the first to Shandong Bao Wo Dynamic System Co., Ltd. board of directors held a congratulatory congratulations on the United States Inventus Power Inc. to Heze investment welcome, and follow-up work guidance and suggestions. Shandong Po Wo Power Systems Co., Ltd. and Heze Communications Group on the future of resource integration and strategic cooperation reached an initial consensus.
After the meeting, the head of the training company, accompanied by Inventus Power Inc., vice president of global technology, T.K. Wong (KW) and chairman Wang Ying, visited the Inventus Power global R & D center, analysis and testing center and Qingxi manufacturing plant.

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