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Jade Emperor new energy work Newsletter

Enterprise management [2017] No. 16

Heze Traffic Group officially became the joint venture of Jade Emperor's new energy power battery system
On the morning of July 17, 2017, Heze Traffic Group Co., Ltd. and Shandong Jade Emperor Amperex Technology Limited jointly set up a power battery enterprise signing ceremony at the Jade Emperor Group headquarters. The signing ceremony was presided over by Comrade Li Shouyu, a research fellow of Heze development zone. Tan Xianghai, vice chairman of the board of directors of the Jade Emperor Group, vice president of traffic group Dong Chunyu and chairman of the new energy Wang Ying of the Jade Emperor, attended the meeting and delivered a speech.
The Party Working Committee, the CMC office director Liu Yong, China Merchants Bureau of Heze Development Zone, general manager of Hongjiao, director of Transportation Group General Manager Zhang Weiguo, Dr. Huang, general manager of the new energy chief scientist Dr. Xue Jiayu Zhao Chenglong, Shandong Bao Wo Power System Co. Ltd. Hangzhou, history and related personnel to witness the signing etc.. The signing of the contract marks the Heze traffic group formally shares the Jade Emperor new energy and the United States Inventus Power joint venture Shandong Bao Wo Power System Co., ltd..
Heze transportation group is Shandong's largest and best performance of the municipal transportation companies, the group owns more than 5000 vehicles in the camp, with 9 passenger bus company, 12 bus station, and a number of taxi companies, service scope of radiation in 7 counties of Heze and the surrounding area 2, North China, East China and central China 11 provinces and cities, has the rich experience of public transport operators.
From the second half of 2017, Heze will realize the "village by bus" project, before 2020, Heze high-speed rail and airport have been put into use, will add a number of counties through the bus lines. According to the national development strategy, Heze traffic group actively promote the electrification of the bus. Conservative estimate, before 2020, Heze traffic group electric bus demand for 1000-1500 units / year, the corresponding power battery system market demand is about 2 billion 500 million yuan / year.
Heze Traffic Group vigorously promote the new energy electric buses in Heze, will promote the recognition and application of Shandong Luxi and 12 transport group of electric bus, and thus effectively promote the popularization and application of the new energy electric buses in Shandong province.
In Heze, leaders at all levels of care and support, Heze local two group companies and the largest industrial and consumer battery system and battery management system manufacturer Inventus Power hand cooperation, the three party will give full play to their power in the core, BMS, PACK, market and resource integration advantages, develop the new energy automotive battery market system. Heze Traffic Group officially shares jade new energy battery system of joint venture, not only provides plenty of power for the strategic development of the enterprises of both sides, will also make an important contribution to the upgrading and development of new energy industry in Shandong province.

Li Shouyu investigator presided over and delivered a speech

Zhang Weiguo, general manager of traffic group and chairman of jade new energy Wang Ying signed

Zhang Weiguo, general manager of traffic group and chairman of jade new energy Wang Ying completed the signing

Chairman Wang Ying accompanied the traffic group leader to visit Jade Emperor Group


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