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学历要求 专业 性别
研发技术部 研发总监 1 建立公司的研发管理体系, 制定研发战略规划,实施 公司技术研发管理工作。 硕士及以上 新能源材料、化学、材料、等相关专业 1、掌握新能源、新材料研发、 生产技术等相关知识,中级工 程师以上职称;
2、10年以上相关工作经验,5年 以上本行业或相近行业中层 技术管理经验;
3、要有较强的战略思维能力、 决策能力、计划与组织能力。
石墨烯生产部 工艺工程师 2 石墨烯工艺异常处理和提升 硕士及以上 化学、材料、化工等相关专业 不限 1、熟悉hummer法制备石墨烯的过程;
工艺工程部 电池模拟工程师 1 电池的建模,热模拟,电场模拟 本科及以上 理工类专业 不限 3年及以上锂电行业相关工作经验。
工艺工程师 4 维护生产线正常生产及实验跟进,主导工艺改善和优率提升。 本科及以上 理工类专业 不限 3年及以上锂电行业相关工作经验。
设备部 设备工程师 10 负责设备处理及维护、保养; 制成异常分析,制定有效的解 决方案并实时跟进; 大专及以上 机械、电气、电子等相关专业 3年及以上锂电行业相关工作经验。
品质部 品质工程师 3 负责公司原材料、产品等的 质量检验,供应商质量体系 及过程审核,组织和协调过 程异常制品的分析。 大专及以上 不限 不限 1、有3年及以上锂电行业相关工作经验;
2、熟悉质量体系及供应商质量管理, 熟悉锂电生产工艺。
The implementation of talent strategy is the strategic requirement for the sustained and healthy development of the group company. It is also the internal driving force for the scientific and technological innovation and the realization of leapfrog development of the group company
It is not only related to the group of scientific research and production and business development and the process of reform and development, related to the group's prosperity, but also related to the implementation of major national construction projects.
Pick people


Sound selection of employment system

With people


Loyalty, dedication, strict, efficient

Educate people


Improve the comprehensive ability.

Keep people


plan and evaluate their own work

To cultivate


improve the overall quality .

The training begins immediately before the new employee enters the job, enters the normal staff training cycle after passing the examination of the on-the-job training and runs through the entire career development career of the employee. After employees enter the department, Jade New Energy will provide first-class resources both at home and abroad to provide targeted training solutions to employees in different positions such as administration, human resources, production, R & D, sales, finance and procurement. Jade New Energy also independent design programs to help employees improve open innovation, interactive communication, the integration of the actual situation and other aspects of the ability to achieve staff "self-driven, self-innovation, self-operation."

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