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           This product is based on the graphene powder production technology (with intellectual property) developed by our company's graphene-carbon material team. It is a kind of graphene powder with high specific surface area, high conductivity, high thermal conductivity and good mechanical properties. Production process is simple, low cost, low energy consumption.

    Product parameters
    Exterior Fluffy black powder
    Carbon content ≥99wt%
    Moisture ≤0.5wt%
    Ash ≤0.5wt%
    Graphene layer 2-5 layers
    Particle sizeD50 5-10μm
    Conductivity 2×104S/m
    Specific surface area 400-600m2/g
            This product has high specific surface area, high conductivity, high heat transfer and excellent mechanical properties, mainly used in plastics, rubber, lithium-ion batteries, solar cells, super capacitors, catalyst carriers, new coatings and other fields.

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