Expert team
The construction of talent team is the top priority of company work. At present, there are more than 300 employees and more than 140 technicians. There are 2 foreign experts, 1 experts, 11 doctors, 25 masters, and more than 10 senior engineers.
Qian Yitai Academician
Inorganic chemist, in April 2016, and Shandong Jade Emperor Amperex Technology Limited jointly build academician workstation. He graduated from the Department of chemistry of Shandong University in 1962. He is now professor of chemistry and professor of chemistry and chemical engineering, University of Science & Technology China. He is a professor of chemistry and chemical engineering, Shandong University. Since 2005, he was director of the Key Laboratory of colloid and interface chemistry of Ministry of education of Shandong University. In 1997, he was elected academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and mainly engaged in chemical preparation of nano materials and preparation of superconducting materials in china. Won the National Natural Science Award two prize, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Natural Science Prize 123 prize and Anhui provincial major scientific and technological achievements award. More than 200 papers have been published in international journals.
Xue Jiayu Doctor
Chief scientist, foreign Chinese, member of Expert Committee of China chemical and physical power industry association. In 1992 to obtain solid chemistry doctorate at the University of McMaster in the United States and Canada, Argonne National Laboratory lithium materials pioneer Michael Dr Thackeray and Dean of the Jeff world lithium professor Dahn lab postdoctoral. In 1995, Dr. Xue was hired as the super battery company chief scientist. In 2008 and 2009 for two consecutive years was named one of the ten Chinese lithium industry influential man. Dr. Xue Jiayu in various international journals published 162 SCI papers, the United States, Canada and European Patent 12, the organization to participate in international conferences and academic materials for lithium battery more than 30 times. He has nearly 40 years of scientific research experience in many fields, of which 21 years in the lithium battery industry, is a well-known pioneer and authoritative experts in the industry.
Technology Center
Technology Center
Jade New Energy Technology Center has 5,000 square meters of 34 high-standard laboratory research and development building and 3,000 square meters of top power battery pilot production workshop, graphen province provincial engineering laboratory and an annual output of 3 tons of the largest domestic graphene powder production line The At present, the cumulative application for independent intellectual property rights 115: 89 invention patents, 11 international invention patents; utility model patents 16.

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